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The Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center is a nonprofit agency funded by donations from individuals, foundations and other friends. Thank you to the following donors for their gifts of $1,000 or more in 2013 and to everyone who have contributed in any way, including our youth, parents, interns, volunteers, partners, boards and staff. Your contributions make our programs possible.

Benefactor ($50,000)
  • John C. Brady
  • David and Elizabeth McFadzean, Wind Dancer Films

Diamond Plus ($30,000+)

  • CBS/KROQ Radio
  • Gilbert Foundation
  • John and Evelyn Lapham

Diamond ($15,000+)

  • The Geiser Family, GH Investors

Platinum ($10,000+)

  • Goldman Sach & Co.
  • World Impact Foundation

Gold ($5,000+)

  • Christopher and Karen Jennings
  • Thomas McKissick
  • Rhino Entertainment
  • Stuart and LeeAnne Richter
  • Gary Wagner
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
  • Paul and Melinda Wetmore

Silver ($2,500+)

  • Bank of America
  • City of Los Angeles Empowerment Congress
  • Lowenstein Sandler
  • Merrill Lynch
  • NASA Summer of Innovation Mini-Grant

Bronze ($1,000+)

  • Frank Babka
  • John and Jody Dreyer
  • Ron Glass
  • James E. Lewis
  • McMaster-Carr Supply Company
  • Momentous Insurance Brokers
  • Steven and Debra Oh
  • Pepperdine University Step Forward Day students
  • Steven L. Vielhaber